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Roderic J. Dohleman began his Information Technology career in 1987 when he computerized the records of a small Los Angeles welding firm. His interest piqued, Roderic founded his own business, cultivating clients throughout the greater Los Angeles metro over fourteen years. As the industry shifted in the early 2000's, Roderic transitioned to a startup company in Silicon Valley as their Lead IT Support Engineer. Over the years he has steadily expanded his career, working as the Supervisor of Information Technology at a major lending firm, a Systems Administrator at a major coffee retailer, and most recently as an Enterprise Architect at a firm in the Seattle metropolitan region.

In 2014, Roderic determined the market was right for him to again launch his own business. Focusing on the needs of small businesses in the South Sound, RD Managed IT provides services to companies for whom having a dedicated IT Department is not financially-beneficial. RD Managed IT also assists smaller IT Departments with the roll-out of large infrastructure projects or temporary increases in IT demand.

Roderic possesses an extensive working knowledge regarding the installation, upgrading, maintenance, and security of enterprise-class computer environments as well as various other leading workplace technologies. He has proven to be a valuable asset at the increasingly common intersection of technology and law. Why RD Managed IT? Because every business deserves a skilled IT Professional.
Fortune 500 Company
Software Development Company ( Microsoft Gold Partner )
Silicon Valley
Coffee Retailer


  • "Roderic is an amazing person and professional. Roderic is someone whom you can't help but like immediately, and not just because he can help you with IT; he is a wonderfully brilliant person and a pleasure to be around personally and professionally. Roderic has natural ability to complete complex tasks and multitask with ease; he is one of those great people that knows his audience and is able to adeptly and effectively converse at all levels and depths of knowledge."
    John W.G.
    Owner at JWG Marine
  • "From day one, Roderic's professionalism and skill were immediately obvious. His ability to respond to issues dogging our group impressed me greatly, and I believe that he consistently raised the bar for the IT group every time. I cannot recommend Roderic any higher than to say that should I be present with the opportunity, I would gladly work with him again."
    Michael G.
    Sr. Remote Product Specialist
    Veritas Technologies LLC
  • "Roderic is positive, cheerful, patient and helpful even when dealing with clearly frustrating situations. He takes the extra time to establish a personal rapport with colleagues. Full recommendation!"
    Mervyn C.
    Director of Customer Operations
    Archive360, Inc
  • "Roderic has been a tremendous asset within the organization. He is capable of fixing impossible. Whenever a problem occurs, he responds instantly and is able to find the core of a problem. He acts fast, suggests alternatives and successfully resolves any problem. He's an excellent communicator with great attention to details. I think very highly of him and admire his passion for the IT world."
    Andela W.
    Events Illustrated, Inc.
  • "Roderic worked in the IT organization, that I managed, while at Mimosa System. I found him to be very energetic, responsive and creative in solving problems, and in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. The nice thing about the manner in which Roderic operates is that he's very proactive and good at anticipating problems. On the flip side, Roderic is able to turn on a dime and reactively to problems that end up on his plate (daily, and in volume, as is the case with any growing start-up.) I would hire Roderic again in a heartbeat and would recommend him strongly."
    Roy D.
    Security Architect
  • "Roderic is among the best IT proffesionals I have ever worked with!! Not only could he alway solve my problems (and I had a lot!), but he was always up-beat, and positive, solving my issues in record time. Even if I was calling in from a hotel out in the middle of nowhere, and couldn't figure out the wireless connection. Roderic was aways there to help. He is knowledgable, positive, and professional. He brings a great team spirit to any organization. I'd be thrilled to have Roderic on the IT team at any company I was working at."
    Lynn A.
    Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing
    Pulse Secure
  • "It is a pleasure to work with Roderic. Roderic works fast and extremly dependable. He is very knowledgeable about his job and last not least on the personal level he is very easy to get along with. Great guy, Great attitude, Great professional!"
    Christopher Z.
    VP worldwide Support
    Pure Storage
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